If you want to make profit online by selling your services, you need to create a sales page that grabs people’s attention.
Because you know your audience spends a tonne of time on their phone, you have to be on their mobile screen.
But just being there is not enough
You have to stop them dead in their tracks to rise above the digital noise.
To be the signal that cuts through the digital noise, you have to have a persuasively written sales page that leads to higher conversions.
To have a high-converting sales page, you need effective copywriting.
After all, effective copywriting is the foundation of selling online, and you know what selling online gets you: more profits.
You’ve tried selling online, but the results weren’t even close to your expectations.
You’ve dropped lump sums of cash on paid ads that failed to perform to your expectations.
You’ve been reading complex books about people selling online, but applying their formulas didn’t get you the same results it did for them.
Finally, you’ve decided to go all in, live up to your expectations, and search for a better solution...
The search is over. Your time is now.


By the end of the course:

1) You'll know exactly what to say so your customers listen.
2) You'll be able to identify the different types of buyer's persona and sales pages.
3) You'll know how to incorporate storytelling into your sales copy to draw your readers in.
By now, you’re still reading because:
You Wish to Multiply Your Sales, without having to spend bucket-loads of money.
You Know You Can Learn It on Your Own, without hiring a professional to coach you.
You Want to Invest in Your Success, and you’re ready to take a chance on our promise.

This is Sales Copy made easy!

Writing sales copy is definitely not my strong point and I often avoid it because I don´t know where to start. The way Svet and Zsu explain it makes me curious and motivated to try and write my own.

They explain what you need to do and think about before you start writing and they go through it with you step by step (exactly what someone like me needs!).

During this course, you are prompted to think about points that will help you create your sales copy but will also get you clearer on your business goals and direction.

Anna Howarth
Live Video Coach

Stop avoiding sales copy! Get some help from Svet and Zsu.

I took Svet and Zsuzsanna's course and I am glad that I did. It was extremely informative and they directed me in the right direction regarding my own project. Thank you, Svet and Zsuzsanna!

Krismelys Diaz
Architect and NGO Enthusiast

This is what YOU’re going to get by the end of this digital course:

In just a few minutes, you're going to learn how your newfound skills are going to crush your sales. And this course is going to strip the unnecessary layers of the sales journey, without having to sit through lengthy videos, take notes, or read a library of dusty sales books…

We’ve disclosed these techniques to dozens of people in various countries around the world.

This course is going to make a huge difference on your sales copy if and only if you take action and follow the instructions inside.

If you even have the slightest hesitation about your sales copy skills, stick around, this is totally for You.

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Special Offer for the 3-Part Crash Course

Listen, aren’t you jealous of your competition selling like crazy and enjoying the endless cruises and 5-star beach resorts and shoving it in your face all the damn time?

Don’t you wanna know how it feels, too? Ah, what joy it is to sip on cocktails, and not have a single worry in the world EXCEPT to wonder whether your king-size bed is big enough?

And what if we told you that all you gotta do to achieve this is to figure out how to craft sales copy that actually converts?

Hey, if this sounds too crazy for you, feel free to stop reading right now because it isn’t for you.

But if you really are serious about growing your business, and you already know that what you’re selling is awesome, and you deserve to reach more people and change their lives... well then, we’ve got just the thing.

But before you find out all about it, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Did You Know that every professional copywriter sits down and asks themselves at least 10 of THESE exact questions before they even write A SINGLE WORD of copy for their Sales Page?

2. Are you aware that there are 3 types of buyer's persona and 5 types of sales pages? (And you need to choose the most APPROPRIATE one for your offer!)

3. Have You Ever Used Storytelling In Your Copy EFFECTIVELY? (Done right, it’s like letting your readers test-drive your product in their mind!)

Remember: These techniques will boost your confidence, improve your copy dramatically, and ultimately, explode your sales.

So let’s see exactly how you can apply these techniques correctly to your business.

But first, we need to reveal a big, BIG LIE to you…

Because if you don’t see these lies for yourself, you’ll always be invisible to the super-HOT leads.

We are going to start by telling you what you DON’T want to write.

You’ve been cheated and deceived all the time.

So, forget about everything you’ve been told.

You know that clients are not ONLY attracted to your products and services…

They are NOT attracted to you talking about your influence…
They are NOT attracted to how huge your network is…
And they’re NOT attracted to how your past clients did…

What most clients are really attracted to is the transformation they get by using your products/services.

That’s IT.
That’s All.
Everything else is a LIE.

Here’s the truth in 3 steps
(each one is a video unit):



Unit #1

Getting ready to enter the inner dialogue of your ideal client by answering 10 questions, choosing the correct form of dialogue, and avoiding the most common sales copy mistakes that put off your target reader.
Bonus: Outlining the client journey using empathy mapping.



Unit #2

Identifying the different types of Buyer’s Persona and choosing the most appropriate type of Sales Page for your products/services.


Unit #2

Identifying the different types of Buyer’s Persona and choosing the most appropriate type of Sales Page for your products/services.



Unit #3

Transporting your ideal clients via storytelling into a world where they can easily, effortlessly, and effectively relieve their pain for good.
Bonus: Learning how to plan, batch, and automate your content with ease.

Here's Some Extra Awesome
Money Makers You'll Get

  1. 1
    We’re going to gift you 3 workbooks, which can be used over and over again when you need to craft new sales pages.
  2. 2
    Each workbook helps you organise all your ideas into convincing words for your copy.
  3. 3
    You’ll also get an additional workbook that guides you in crafting your brand origin story, which will boost your sales like crazy.
  4. 4
    Plus, you get presentation slides for later use, and you won’t need to waste time needlessly re-watching specific parts of the videos over and over again.


Our friends keep telling us we’re insane for offering this next thing as a bonus, but we’re such good people, we said screw it. That’s how committed we are to helping you craft a sales page that converts, so you know what?

We’ll throw in a FREE SALES PAGE AUDIT.

What the heck is a Sales Page Audit?

Fine-tune your sales message.

Free proofreading.

Fool-proof CTA.

MindBLOWN... by Zsuzsanna and Svetoslav’s Sale page audit. Thank you! Need copy help – they are your guys!

Angela McMillan
Digital Marketing Coach

Now, if you know what a legit copywriter costs, you’re probably thinking, Holy sh*t. This should cost me an arm and a leg.

And you’d be right – both your arm and your leg are priceless, but so is your sales page.

At first, we thought about pricing this at $2,000. If you follow our advice and recommendations to the dot, you could make all that back easily, and still be able to make so much more, even in a month’s time.
Our students have done it. Here’s what Melanie had to say about it:

Kisvárdai Zsuzsanna and Svetoslav Dimitrov have put together a great Course.

Sales Copy Done Right walks you through all the steps you need to take in order to create a well-structured sales page. I found the combination of materials very useful, the video is packed with information and I love having the Slides and Workbook too as a reference any time I need to use them again.

The content was really informative and I like how you have all the different phases easily explained, from the Pre-phase of researching your target audience, knowing how to address their struggles, fears, frustrations…. to mistakes to avoid when writing a sales page.

I think the list of questions is really handy too as it enables you to go dig deep into why they need your service and how to write about it to make it more compelling. And if you ever wonder whether long or short copy is best (I know I have!), that doubt will vanish after this Course.

I highly recommend it if you are in the middle of writing copy or if you are going to do your sales page yourself, it is an easy to follow, actionable class that will give you all the steps and prompts you need to get that sales page right!

Melanie Falvey
Backdrop Stylist

We decided we want to help as many people as possible, and to make our techniques affordable because we’re convinced you’ll be able to discern the tremendous value to be gained immediately.

So here’s the deal: Right now, you get everything for 5x less than the original price.

If you act quickly, you’ll get:


video courses




FREE sales page audit

ALL THIS for a one-time investment of $397. (That’s roughly 40 McDonald’s meals. Where would YOU invest YOUR money?)



Who Are Your Tutors?

We’re Zsuzsanna and Svetoslav.
When we started out, we were not masters in writing sales copy.
We had a vague idea how to write copy that converts.
Back then, our results had us cringing too.
Unfortunately, in the ever-increasingly competitive information era we’re currently living in, results that are nothing short of spectacular create unhappy business owners and worried wallets.
And that’s where we were, one freezing afternoon on Christmas Day, sat outside a coffee shop blowing hot air over our knuckles. The winter blues had caught up to us in the form of unpaid bills and presents we couldn’t afford to purchase.
So we made a promise to ourselves:
“We’ll get a handle on this sales copy thing, or we’ll die tryin’."
We came up with a different approach. We tested that for a week. Then another approach. Tested it for another week. Two weeks. Then another. Three weeks passed…
After the first month testing our latest approach, patterns began emerging in the data, and we began refining our techniques further.
We introduced these better-defined elements in our copy, and slowly, our results began to climb as if they acquired a life of their own.
“Holy crap, it’s working!”
But we weren’t done yet. Not even close. We kept on with our research.
Day in, day out, week after week, we updated our knowledge according to the results.
In the span of 3 months, we read 25 books on web copy, analysed more than 100 sales pages in depth, and watched over 200 hours of training videos on storytelling, persuasion, personality typing, copywriting, and effective sales.
We were mind-blown! And now, we’d like to share the things that blew our mind in an easy and non-time-consuming way with YOU!

We want you to click on the button “I WANT TO MASTER ONLINE SALES”
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